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Thu, 24 Apr 2008 19:54:00

Why is Fatima Fatima?

This is not a scholarly article about The Lady of Light, but my expression of Mawaddata fil Qurba1.

Fatimatu-Zzahraa AS is the only daughter of The Prophet SAWW and not one of the four -Zainab, Umm Kulthum, and Rukaiyya being the other three - as touted by some narrators. Fatima AS’ birth was foretold in The Qur’an and described by The Almighty SWT Himself as Al-Kawthar2. In  this surah, Al-Kawthar  it has to refer to Fatima AS because the last verse calls the enemies of The Prophet SAWW “abtar” I.e. without any tail i.e. no issues to carry on the name or mission.  Then at Fatima AS’ birth, the Quraishi women boycotted Seyyidah Khadija AS for marrying The Prophet SAWW.  However, ALLAH SWT made special arrangements for the delivery. Four women of great standing before ALLAH SWT, accompanied by numerous houris, became Fatima AS’ midwives.  Fatima AS also has the distinction of the inimical Ayesha testifying that FATima AS was most beloved of The Prophet SAWW’ among women.

Fatima AS lost her mother at a young age and Seyyidah Khadija AS was the wife that The Prophet SAWW always remembered with fondness, to the chagrin of Ayesha. She stood beside him when everyone else deserted him. Seyyidah Khadija AS was no ordinary woman. She was Malikatul Arab (The Queen of The Arabs) whose hand was coveted by kings, princes and the nobility of Quraish. She settled on marriage with a humble man because she looked for character, honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness, not wealth or status. She was a follower of the Hanif tradition of Nabi Ibrahim AS. When she married The Prophet SAWW Seyyida Khadija AS was a virgin maiden of 26 or 28, not a widow of 40. Her marriage took place in the strict tradition of a virgin woman. Had she been twice married and widowed before, as historians have alleged, she would not have gone through the elaborate process of consultations with her relatives about marrying with The Prophet SAWW and would have independently contracted the marriage. She could not have been the mother of three daughters born to her and The Prophet SAWW and then marry them off to Utbah and Utaibah, Kuffar sons of Abu Lahab and Abul Ass ibn Rabi’i. There is evidence to suggest that the three daughters were not The Prophet SAWW’s and Seyyidah Khadija AS’, but her sister Hala’s. In the Arab tradition, as The Qur’an also mentions, adopted  children were considered sons4 and daughters and ALLAH SWT wanted to show that this was not so, as we will see later in the case of Zaid. By the same token the gratuitous title of Dhi-Nnurain5 is spurious.

Fatima AS is Fatima because she is the daughter of a mother who gave away all her wealth for the cause of Al-Islam and ALLAH SWT acknowledges this in The Qur’an6.  She is Fatima because The Prophet SAWW proclaimed her Badh’atu Minni (part and parcel of my being) which means that she could not be separated from The Prophet SAWW’s being in any manner or form. And when ALLAH SWT sends la’nah on those who hurt Him and The Prophet SAWW (33:57), He, ipso facto, sends la’nah upon those who hurt Fatima AS physically and emotionally because they have hurt The Prophet SAWW7. The Prophet SAWW called Fatima AS “Umm Abiha”, demonstrating his intense love, respect and recognition of the affection and concern she showed for her father and the way she tended to him as a mother would her beloved child. The Prophet SAWW was ordered by ALLAH SWT to give Fadak to Qurba i.e. to Fatima, his only daughter.
Fatima is Fatima because she is the pivot around which the Hadith Al-Kisaa revolves. The whole episode takes place in Fatima AS’ house. Everyone who comes into the house first greets Fatima AS who direct them to The Prophet SAWW. It is only when she enters the Kisaa that The Ahlul Bayt AS become complete8 and the verse of Purification revealed9.

Fatima is Fatima because she is the only creation that was “tested before being created”10. Prophets of yore were put to various tests after they had come to this world, but Fatima AS was sent to this world after she had passed the test before her creation. And, above all, Fatima is Fatima whom the Urafaa refer to as “Ruh Aali Muhammad” and because she is “al-Siirril Mustawda’i Fiiha”11

1. The Qur’an, 42:23.
2. The Qur’an, chapter 108.
3. The four great ladies who appeared at the time of delivery were Sarah, the wife of Nabi Ibrahim AS, Asiya, the believer wife of the Pharaoh, Kulthum, the sister of Nabi Musa AS, and Maryam, the mother of Nabi Isa AS.
4. Zaid who was adopted by The Prophet SAWW was considered by the Arabs of the time as his son. ALLAH SWT refuted this claim of him being The Prophet SAWW’s son by allowing The Prophet SAWW to marry Zaid’s divorcee, Zaynab binti Jahash, who was The Prophet SAWW’s cousin and whose hand he turned down when she younger and a virgin. (The Qur’an, 33:37)
5. Title given to Uthman bin Affan for marrying two of those three alleged daughters of The Prophet SAWW.
6. The Qur’an, 93:9.
7.  The Prophet SAWW’s statement cited in both Shi’a and Sunni books that whoever hurts Fatima AS hurts him SAWW and whoever hurts him SAWW hurts ALLAH SWT.
8.  “Falammaktamalna tahtal kisaa…” quoth Fatima. (Hadith Al-Kisaa)   
9.  The Qur’an, 33:33.
10.  Ziyarah of Hadhrat Fatimatu- Zzahraa AS.
11. The Repository of Divine Secrets.

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From: Ira Abdul Ahad
Comment: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 18:51:37 - Al Hamdulillah for this very informative and enlightening treatise on the CHIEF OF THE WOMEN OF ALL THE WORLDS. May Allah ta 'ala destroy all of her enemies past, present, and future.

The proof of the fallacy of a so-called rightly guided caliphate is the horribly atricious attack on her house and character. How can one be "rightly guided" by calling her a liar and injuring her physically? Inshallah, the Earth will spit the first two thieves out from where they lie at the return of Imam Mahdi. May Allah subhana wa ta a'la hasten his return.

More articles like this, PLEASE. I would especially like one on Lady Fidda (Fizza ?), the maidservant of Imam Ali & Fatima.

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