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Tue, 06 Dec 2005 04:26:00

Another Encounter with the Ahlul Kitab (People of the Book: Jews)

Sister Saleha Lodhi
Image shows the Senior Class of Al-Iman Shool meeting Rabbi David Schuck
Another encounter with the Ahlul Kitab (People of the Book: Jews) by Sister Saleha Lodhi shows another of three encounters with the Ahlul Kitab already presented on AL HUDA. It shows our tolerance for the Ahlul-Kitab (People of the Book) and hope the same will be returned to us nationally and internationally.

On Thursday, December 1st, 2005 the Senior Class of Al-Iman Shool had the privilege of meeting Rabbi David Schuck. Rabbi Schuck grew up in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He has a BA in Political Science and Middle East History from Rutgers University. Rabbi Schuck was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary and is currently a candidate for a Master‚Äôs Degree in Talmud and Rabbinics from the Graduate School. Upon his ordination, Rabbi Schuck was awarded the Lillian M. Lowenfeld Prize in Practical Theology and the Israel H. Levinthal Prize in Homiletics. Rabbi Schuck is the co-founder of Segev, a Jewish not-for-profit educational program for college graduates.

Whilst living in New York City, Rabbi Schuck was trained by Columbia University New York Presbyterian  Hospital; he worked as a Chaplain. As a Rabbinical Student, he also worked as the Rabbi of the Conservative Minyan at the Hillel of The University of Pennsylvania. He taught in many Jewish education programs in New York City, including the 92nd Street Y‚Äôs Derekh Torah program.

Rabbi Schuck has been working with Jewish High School and College Students for over 10 years. Specifically, he spent 2 years as Head of Staff recruiting for United Synagogue Youth Israel programs. In that position, he developed and executed staff training workshops for them. He mentored and supervised United Synagogue Youth Israel group leaders and staff in Israel and Europe. Prior to Rabbinical School, Rabbi Schuck worked as Counselor and Educator for the Nativ Israel program as well as taught Judaic Studies at Baltimore Krieger Solomon Schecter Day School while working as Youth Director and Educator at Chizuk Amuno Synagogue in Baltimore ,MD.

Rabbi Schuck is engaged in the broader communal life of Pelham and Southern Westchester. He is active on the Pelham Interfaith Clergy Group and is proud to be a Chaplain of the Pelham Fire Company. The Senior Class of Al-Iman school was enlightened by a critical study on Jewish blessing and the concept of prayer presented by the Rabbi. They learnt important blessings that praise God for creation. They also learnt in Judaism God creates through speech act and that is a central part of the religion. Judaism believes that you can move the World by speech. The Al-Iman Students were also introduced to the symbolism of Biblical verses. The study made way for and gave rise to new perspectives on the Jewish faith and provided keen insight into their own Spiritual Path. The Al-Iman Students, now students of the Torah, can openly allow for the comparative view of the two neighboring faiths as their knowledge of the Jewish ideology expands. This is one of the means by which Al-Iman attempts to make it's students well rounded individuals; they not only learn about Islam, rather, are actively exposed to various faiths and ways of life. This will help them to cultivate their own faith and as well as help to stimulate the desired results of unity.

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From: Chris Brooks
Subject: people of the book
Comment: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 11:27:58 - "Tolerance" is an odd word for the relationship between Islam and other religions. How about "mutual respect"? The word "tolerance" has rather unpleasant connotations. Dhimmitude?

Subject: VERY WELL
Comment: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 19:59:09 - WONDEFUL ARTICLE KEEP IT

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